Christian Straub

Straub Christian



    • Born on 11.07.1985 in Altötting
    • 2005 High School Graduation, König-Karlmann-Gymnasium Altötting
    • 2006 to 2011 studied law at the University Passau, with the specialization in Labour and Social Law, First State Examination in Law
    • 2011 to 2013 law clerk at the district court Traunstein, Second State Examination in Law
    • Since July 2013 is a licensed lawyer
    • 2019 specialist lawyer on LabourLaw
    • 2019 specialist lawyer on Criminal Law





    Mr.Straub teaches Law at the Academy of Social Studies Mühldorf. Mr Straub regularly holds lectures and seminars on labor issues in cooperation with the Industrial Union Mining, Chemical and Energy (IG BCE). Moreover Mr. Straub is a legal advisor and a board member of the international association for Asian martial arts (IFAK).