Tenancy and property ownership law

We advise and represent both landlords and tenants. Our law firm has many years of experience especially in the field of commercial and residential tenancy law, which allows us to represent effectively and purposefully your legal and economic interests. Mr. Niebler has been for many years a member of Home and Property Owners Association Burghausen, furthermore Mr. Obermeier is the first chairman of Property Owner Association of Alt- und Neuötting. We support you competently in all legal issues that may arise from the signing until the end of a lease agreement. We regularly counsel our clients in the following areas of tenancy law:

Rental agreement, lease agreement, contract review, draft contract, temporary tenancy agreement, tenancy deposit, rent increase, renovation, expert assessment, taking of evidence, rent reduction, repairs, operating costs, rent, lease, default of payment, ordinary termination, own use, termination without notice, period of notice, contradiction, social clause, tenant protection, payment, eviction, lease issues, final renovations, compensation for damages, foreclosure, eviction protection, eviction terms, forced eviction, sale, condominium, rental apartment, office, commercial rents, Condominium Act.

Competent lawyers:  Benjamin Obermeier, Oliver Niebler and Laura Schaffer