Private construction law

Private construction law regulates the civil relations between the customer and the other parties involved in the construction, primarily contractors, craftsmen, architects and engineers.

Contractual regulations of the Civil Code are mainly applied in legal construction matters. German Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations (VOB) were initially created for the construction plans of public authorities, but especially the parts B and C (VOB7B and VOB/C) are often included in the private law contracts.

However, the regulation of general terms and conditions may be also relevant in the construction law.  Private construction law includes also neighbourhood law. Regulations are to be found in the Civil Code (BGB) and in the regional state law. The Civil Code and other laws (AGBGB) regulate the norms of neighbourhood rights in Bavaria. Our law firm will advise on the following issues:

Contract law work, construction defects, damage, contract law, liability, boundary disputes, trees and plants, omission on completion of the contract, acquiescence.

Competent lawyers: Benjamin Obermeier (successful completion a special course on construction and architectural law) and Harald Matthes