Labour Law

Labour law has become complicated and confusing due to numerous reforms and legislative changes as well as countless court decisions. From the beginning of employment relationship to its termination labour law has numerous pitfalls that can lead both employees and employers to considerable legal issues and financial consequences. Therefore, timely assistance of a lawyer, who is specialized and is experienced in labour law, is indispensable.

Our law firm has been representing employees and employers in all matters relating to labour law for many years. We regularly counsel our clients in the following areas:

Counselling, employment contract, contract review, wages, salary, pay, working time, holiday pay, Christmas bonus, transfer, maternity leave, protection against dismissal, warning, ordinary termination, extraordinary termination, termination without notice, period of notice, dismissal protection, salary increase, bonus, staff council, reference, transfer of company, cancellation agreement, settlement agreement, severance, leave of absence, holiday, dismissal, labour court, non-competition clause, compensation, part-time, probation period, consultation, works council, German General Equal Treatment Act Law, minimum wage and the Works Constitutions Act.

Competent lawyers: Christian Straub and Harald Hafeneder