Insurance Law

If an insurance company does not pay that does not mean that they do not need. Especially in the area of insurance law, it is of great importance to have legal support because professionals, such as specially trained law clerks, legal practitioners and experts, represent and protect interests of the insurance company.

An insurance company can be addressed on legal footing only with the assistance of specialized and experienced lawyers in insurance law. Our law firm has been supporting clients in the field of insurance law for many years. Therefore we do not only have the necessary special knowledge in the area of insurance law, but also the necessary experience in dealing with insurance companies.

Mr. Hafeneder supervises all matters in insurance law in our firm. We regularly counsel our clients in the following areas of insurance law:

Occupation disability insurance, private health insurance, life insurance, home insurance, burglary insurance, household insurance, fire insurance, liability insurance, legal expenses insurance, robbery insurance, travel cancelation insurance.

Competent lawyer: Harald Hafeneder