Inheritance Law

Inheritance law has been becoming recently very important. According to the reports of the German Institute for Retirement assets of approximately two trillion euros will be passed to the next generation. The legal issues that can occur both before and after opening of the succession can be varied and complex and can be hardly managed without a lawyer.

As a rule, competent counsel of an experienced lawyer in inheritance law is essential in this kind of matters. Our competent lawyers in the field of inheritance laws Mr.Davidson and Mr.Matthes will advise and represent you in all matters of inheritance issues. The legal services of our firm in the area of inheritance include:

A power of attorney for health, testament, a contract of inheritance, Berliner Testament, intestate succession, last will on business succession, premature settlement of succession, testator, heritage, heir, inheritance, community of heirs, inheritance disputes, a certificate of inheritance, legacy, gift, legal share, contesting of a will, debarment from succession, execution of a will, legacy liability, liability and inheritance tax

Competent lawyers: Stefan Davidson and Harald Matthes