Copyright and Media Law

Due to the Internet this field of law has become very important in the last years. Mr.Niebler has a rich experience in copyright and media law and is a member of the German Association of Lawyers for Intellectual Property and Media. He worked, among other things, for a renowned Munich law firm for five years dealing with issues in this field of law.

If you do a creative job or you own the copyright, Mr.Niebler will assist you in protecting your rights as an author and, if necessary, claim damages and seek an injunction. If you are professionally engaged in publication and copying somebody else’s works, Mr.Niebler will counsel you comprehensively in licensing issues and assist you in avoiding copyright infringements. If you are confronted with copyright claims, for example, if you have received a warning (file sharing, unauthorised use of photos, etc.), Mr.Niebler will help you to defend yourself appropriately. An acceptable solution can be always found even in case of justified claims. Mr.Niebler can offer special expertise in the field of copyright collective, in particular in the legal issues of GEMA.

Mr.Niebler will also counsel you in protecting your rights in the field of public reporting, publishing or distributing material. Not only copyright, but also personal rights infringement has increased rapidly due to increasing Internet use. Internet, however, is not above the law, that is why you should defend yourself in cases such as, for example, if your photos or videos appear on the Internet without your consent. If you would like to publish something yourself and would like to avoid infringements, Mr.Niebler will advise you in this case as well.

Competent lawyer: Oliver Niebler