1. General

Although an attorney costs money, it is worth investing in a good legal advice. If you can with a help of appropriate advice avoid an unpromising process, the advantage is obvious. If you win a trial with legal counsel, the opposing party shall be obligated to reimburse the costs. If you are going to sign an important contract, we advise you to do this also with a legal advice. A customized contract, which is specially tailored to your needs, secures your legal position and saves you money and trouble, if any dispute should arise afterwards.

2. Attorney’s Remuneration Act

The legal basis for the attorney’s fee is the Attorney’s Remuneration Act (RVG), which regulates the lawyer’s fees considering the potential value of a matter, which is usually determined by the amount/value in dispute. The fee level can be often estimated only in a meeting. Of course, we offer special packages or consulting agreements for our company clients.

3. Legal Expenses Insurance

We take over for you the correspondence with your legal expenses insurance to clarify whether the insurance covers the costs in your particular case. Please, have the name, address of the insurance company and your social security number with you. Typically legal expenses insurance provides coverage for the legal fees charged, so you won’t have any costs, except for agreed excess and any travel expenses. You can of course contact your legal expenses insurance to find out whether it covers the legal action. Should your legal expenses insurance designate a law firm, it is a mere recommendation. Of course, the choice of a lawyer who you trust is always upon your decision.

4. Advisory Assistance Act and Legal Aid

We are happy to work for you on the basis of advisory assistance act and legal aid. You should apply directly to the local court in your district for advisory assistance before making an appointment with our office. Additional fee of 15,00 Euro, which is to be paid by you, please, bring to our meeting.

We will apply for the legal aid in the context of a court dispute for you. It is necessary that you provide us with all necessary documents (documents proving income / assets such as payslips, copy of a passbook, etc. and documents providing your expenses such as lease, loan agreements, etc.) as soon as possible. If your income exceeds a certain level, it may be that legal aid shall be granted only against payment in instalments. Although you bear the costs yourself, you will be granted an interest-free loan from the state.